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9 Best Games for Android Under 50MB 2024

The 9 Ulimate Games Under 50MB!. Play These Games in any android device. List of 9 Best Android Games Under 50Mb. To play Offline.

Are you finding the best games under 50MB which you can play offline? 

Many people searched for offline games under 50Mb or Android games under 50MB. 

But you didn’t; you came here, thanks 😉

In this article; I promise to show you the top 9 best Android games under 50MB that you can even play online and offline. 

Also, I will attach the gameplay of all the games so that you will get a better understanding.

Best Games for Android Under 50MB 

According to 50MB, deciding the best game is rigid. Although I have spent hours finding the best games under 50MB, which you can play on your device, whether devices keep lagging. 

let's go

You can play these nine games on all the Android devices available in the market without any lag because these games have decent graphics with a decent storyline which makes you feel happy after Playing. 

Before I start, Let me tell you about the categories of these games

  • Shooting, Racing, Open world, Mystery and Horror Games, and lastly, Survival and Addictive games.

1. Swordigo 

Swordigo Game 50 MB

Swordigo agent is a casual adventure game for Android, available under 50 MB, and you can play it offline on your smartphone.

I am impressed by the graphics of swordigo. According to the graphics, the game is good, and all the missions are pretty challenging. You need that courage and proper timing to clear any mission’s objectives. The basic fundamental of this game is to run, jump and slash through an epic adventure platformer game. 

The Gameplay: 

Game Type: Casual, Offline, Single Player, Adventure. 

2. Parkour Flip

This is an offline arcade game under 50Mb, which you can play on your Android device. What you have to do in this game is to land your character perfectly after a backflip. All you have to do is try some of these terms like flip, and in the flip, you have to land correctly. 

It’s fun to play a game. I tried it a few times, and it was worth downloading a game under 50 MB. 

The Gameplay: 

Game Type: Casual, Simulation, Offline, Stylized, Single Player.

3. Shadow Skate 

This is an insane Android game under 50Mb the size of this game is 8.2 MB. In this game, there is a character who skates all the time. You have to unlock new skills and collect coins. 

Shadow skate is a slight running and skating game for Android. 

The Gameplay: 

Game Type: Arcade, Offline, Casual, Single Player, Stylized.

4. Javelin Master 

Javelin Master Game

This is an easy-to-play and awesome Android game, which is around 33mbs. You have to use your javelin to shoot another person who is your opponent in the game. It’s a kind of fighting game. The graphics are adorable. 

Moreover, 11000 people rated this game, and its rating is 3.8 stars, which is OKish for 11000 people.

The Gameplay: 

Game Type: Action, Offline, Single Player, Stylized. 

The next game on our list is a racing category under 50mb.

5. RallyRacer 

Rally Racer under 50mb

It’s an enjoyable arcade rally experience. You can enjoy this racing game on any Android device because this game is just 33 MB. Overall this game has decent graphics, although it is rated 4.0 stars on Google Play Store by more than 20000 people. 

That is not a Lie. This game is brilliant. I played it multiple times, and it is insane that a game under 50mb with a small size comes with great gameplay, so if you are a hard-core racing game and then try it, it’s perfect. 

The Gameplay:

Game Type: Racing, Car, Offline, Single Player. 

The next game on our list under 50 MB is an open-world Android game.


6. Last Human Life On Earth 

Last human life on earth

The graphics of this game is designed, although it is rated 3.9 stars on Google Play Store. 

This story is quite simple. Your character is the last human still alive on the earth, and the aliens attack, and he has to survive that and kill the zombies and do everything to survive. 

This is a kind of open-world Android game, and whenever we think about open-world games, the first thing that comes to mind is GTA. If you want games like GTA you can read this out. 

The Gameplay: 

Game Type: Role Playing, Action, Survival, Casual, Single Player, Stylized Offline. 

7. Blocky Highway Traffic Racing 

Blocky Highway Racing Game

Blocky Highway is another game under 50mb. You can download it now from the Google Play store. The graphics of this game are pretty interesting. It is a kind of Minecraft graphic game. Everything is based on blocks. 

Honestly, I tried this game a few times, and it was worth downloading. The size of this game is around 18 MB, and the switch is under 50 MB. Even one of my cousins loves this game, and I am sure he commented on this blog post. 

This game has over 10 million downloads and is rated by 80,000 people. It has a 4.3-star rating on the Play Store. 

The Gameplay:

Game Type: Racing, Single Player, Stylized, Offline. 

8. Broken Dawn 2 

Broken Dawn 2

Broken dawn 2 is an offline game under 50mb for Android. This is a kind of RPG gun shooting game in which you have to save your teammates and shoot your enemies to save the whole world. 

This game has a lot of difficulty levels, and there are many objectives, like collecting some collectible items in-game while fighting with your enemies. One of the difficult things that I find out. 

Overall it’s a great game under a particular Megabyte segment. 

This game has more than 1 million + downloads. All eight have a 4.5-star rating with the word 103K reviews on Play Store.

The Gameplay:

Game Type: Action, Casual, Offline, Single Player, Stylized. 

9. West Gunfighter 

West Gunfighter 20MB Game

Probably this is the best game for Android under 50mb. This is a kind of open-world game where you must spend time grinding to achieve goals. This world is so beautiful. 

I didn’t get any game like this one for a long time. West Gunfighter is one of the best games on the list that you should try on your smartphone. 

This game has more than 50 million downloads and is one of the most lovable games available on the Play Store. The game is offline for under 50mb. 

According to its size, which is 20 MB, the graphics are pretty good, the storyline is fantastic, and I recommend you play it. 

The Gameplay:

Game Type: Action, Offline, Single Player, Stylized.

Conclusion – Android Games Under 50MB

Game TitleGame TypeGaming Experience (0-10)
SwordigoCasual, Offline, Single Player, Adventure8
Parkour FlipCasual, Simulation, Offline, Single Player7
Shadow SkateArcade, Offline, Casual, Single Player7
Javelin MasterAction, Offline, Single Player, Stylized6
RallyRacerRacing, Car, Offline, Single Player8
Last Human Life On EarthRole Playing, Action, Survival, Casual, Single Player, Offline, Stylized9
Blocky Highway Traffic RacingRacing, Single Player, Stylized, Offline7
Broken Dawn 2Action, Casual, Offline, Single Player, Stylized8
West GunfighterAction, Offline, Single Player, Stylized9
Gaming on the Go: Ratings for Compact Android Games Under 50MB

Finding the best offline game under 50mb is not easy; it takes time and effort.

If you appreciate this article, don’t forget to write anything in the comments because it takes me around 2 hours to explore all the games and to feature them on our list of the best Android games under 50mb. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this list! I’m always on the lookout for lightweight games for my older Android device, and these recommendations are spot on. I’ll definitely be trying out some of these titles. Can you do a similar post for iOS games under 50MB too?

  2. Wow, this list is exactly what I was looking for! I’m always on the go and don’t have much storage space on my phone, so it’s great to find games that are under 50MB. Thanks for sharing these recommendations, I’ll definitely give a few of them a try!

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